Whose Tail on the Trail at Grand Canyon?


Have you ever watched the backside of an animal disappear into bushes, trees, or rocks and wondered, “Whose tail on the trail?”  Learn how to identify Grand Canyon wildlife from the tail end through the rhyming verse and colorful illustrations in this book!  Join us as we hike the forested rim, the rocky inner canyon, and the river trails to see the variety of animals that make their home in this fabulous mile-deep canyon.  Presented in an appealing picture book format, the verses in Whose Tail on the Trail at Grand Canyon? are factual and will intrigue young readers, inspiring them to give the book a try on their own.  Children, grandparents, parents, teachers, librarians, and park rangers will all enjoy this charming book and its new angle on viewing wildlife—especially the END!

For preschool through 3rd grade.

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Dee Dee Chumley

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